Moot Court Report

 “Law is the main weapon of Lawyers, while Courts are the battlegrounds for them. But on the College Level Moot Court case is Practice Session for Law Students and the moot Court hall is training ground for them”.


Every lawyer knows the buzz of clinching that winning point and the desolation of losing. Mooting gives the advocate-in-training an early taste of those feelings. The Word ‘Moot’ can be traced back to the Anglo –Saxon era of British history when a ‘moot’ was the meeting of prominent figures and nobles from the local society to discuss matters of regional importance. The Moot Court mirrors the processes of an actual court, with formal language, etiquette and modes of address. It is a specialized application of the art of persuasive advocacy. It differs from ‘mock trial’ as it assumes that the evidence has already been tested and focuses on practicing speech and the ability to argue the question of law whereas mock trials exist to the ‘test the evidence’ and establish the case’s facts before presenting them in a real court of law.

Mooting helps to improve the practical knowledge of the law students. It helps them to be aware of the court proceedings and all the rules and regulations. Further mooting also helps to build confidence in public speaking, general research and presentation skills. Mooting has become an essential part of legal institutions today. The Moot Court Committee of Government Law College, Salem is established to develop the interests of the students in moot court and mock trials, enable them to understand the importance of legal research, acquire the skill to utilize online legal databases and make them capable and efficient legal professionals. Our Students have evinced great interest and are taking part in many State Level and National Level Moot Court Competitions and are bringing laurels to the institution.


  • National Moot Court Competition, 2019 was conducted by Dr.Ambedkar Govt. Law College, Puducherry. Our Students P.Gopala Krishnan (II B.A.LL.B), Datchinamoorthy (II B.A.Ll.B) and K.S.Gayathri (II B.A.LL.B) have participated and exhibited their talents.